Made from thin super flexible 2 mm limestone neoprene Jackets allow for multiple uses in a variety of water sports from surfing to SUP to Kayaking to kitesurfing. The Long Pants, jacket and shorts mean you can pick whats best for what your doing on the day to suit the conditions and what your doing.

The jacket provides sun protection and also wind without the bulk and overheating issues of thicker wetsuits.

Made from 2 mm Limestone with an easy slide inner  and flatlock stitching 


Sizing is not always an exact measurement and because of the high flex limestone our girls suits fit a bigger range. Most girls go a size smaller than they do in other brands. Here is our current chart we are updating with real girl fittings. If unsure send us your measurements and we'll match you to a girl we have fitted. If we get it wrong we can always swap over.

As with our shorts the waist measurement is the most important for the suit to sit well. Jackets can never be a tight as spring suits or full wetsuits. If the sleeve length is too long they can be easily trimmed by putting a drop of glue on the stitching to stop any unraveling and cut to the right length.  Try out in the water first before trimming to get the exact right length. 

Size (Cm) 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Chest (at biggest <81 81-86 85-91 91-95 94-98 97-101 100
Waist (at narrowest) <70 70-74 74-78 78-82 82-86 86-90 90+
Neckline to Wrist (sleeve) <61 61-65 63-67 65-69 67-71 69-73 71
Hips (at widest) <87 87-92 91-96 95-100 99-104 103-106 105+


Type: Unknown Type

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