Men's Back-Zip Steamer Wetsuit 2mm (Blue)

Our Fader Blue pattern is the best option for surface water camouflage, particularly in tropical and subtropical waters.

Wetsuit Thickness: 2 mm Limestone Neoprene for maximum softness and stretch.

Water Temperature range: 17-26°C or 60-79°F

Our surf wetsuits are difficult to perceive from underneath. It uses a contrast-gradient that hides the outline of your body, making the overall shape harder to define.

Our wetsuits are made to the highest of standards, using best-practice inks and glues for minimal environmental impact, in an accredited and audited factory. 


  • Limestone Neoprene, 
  • Recycled PET bottles (inner-lining),
  • Nylon (outside-lining)


  • Cut for high shoulder rotation
  • Pattern lines follow major muscle groups
  • External Silky layer for abrasion protection
  • Internal lining recycled PET bottles that slides on easier
  • Flat lock Stitching for maximum strength 

For more information in regards to sizing and care, please visit here.


      Type: Wetsuits

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