Mens Chest Zip Steamer Green Limited Numbers Arrived

Our surf wetsuits had have one major advantage that no others have. They are had to see from underneath. See the concept pages for how  it works, where it came form and why we believe it is the only viable method for reducing shark interactions The It uses a contrast gradient that hides the edge making the overall  shape harder to define. Both  the Green and blue have been tuned for the surface. 

Temperature Range -3 / 2.5 mm  16-23 C 60-75 f  

Made to the highest standards using best practice inks and glues for least environmental impact

 Materials: Milk silk cloth printing outside Yamamoto CR 39 with pull yarn inner.


  • Bigger high strength durable zip
  • Extra flex to accommodate more body variations
  • Low friction Milk Silk for less water resistance
  • Blind stitched to limit water ingress 
  •  Silicon knee patch for grip 
  • Easy-slide interior lining 


      Type: Wetsuits