Women's Back-Zip Surf / Dive Steamer Wetsuit 2.5mm EMERALD LIMITED STOCK CONTACT FOR SIZES

 We have taken our camouflage to a whole new level!

More stock due soon

After months of tweaking and testing to perfection, we are proud to introduce our new and improved design of our Women's Back-Zip Surf / Dive Steamer Wetsuit!

Our Fader Green colourway is the best option for surface camouflage and sub-tropical waters. Our Patented technology is unique and works differently to other outdated spearfishing and freediving wetsuits. Made with TB Limestone, our wetsuits use a contrast-gradient that hides the edge of the wetsuit when in water, making the overall shape of your body harder to define. These wetsuits change colour with differing light strengths, depths and water colours. It is highly effective in motion and in areas where traditional and photo realism wetsuits fail. 

Wetsuit Thickness: 2.5mm  or 4 mm with 3mm shoulders of  Limestone Neoprene for maximum softness and stretch.

Water Temperature:

2.5mm: 14-20°C or 60-79°

4/3mm: <14°C  or <60°F  

Our wetsuits are made to the highest of standards, using best-practice inks and glues for minimal environmental impact.


  • Limestone Neoprene
  • Recycled PET bottles (inner-lining)
  • Nylon (outer-layer)


  • Racing swimwear cut for high shoulder rotation
  • Pattern lines follow major muscle groups
  • Extra flex to accommodate more body variations
  • External Silky  layer for abrasion protection
  • Internal lining recycled PET bottles that slides on easier
  • Blind Stitching for maximum strength 
  • Neck, wrist and ankle seals

Our suits have a lot of stretch and sometimes people can fit 2 sizes. If you send us your height and weight we can match you to a wetsuit we know will fit you. If it does arrive and is the right size, we will swap it over.

For more information in regards to sizing and care, please visit here.

4/3mm are due late Summer*


Type: Wetsuits

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