Women's 3mm Freediving Open-Cell Hooded Vest (Emerald-Green)

dd a layer of warmth

Our Women's 3mm Open-Cell Vest Hood are designed to be be worn under our surf/swim or in combination with other suits. The cut and fit is like no other — finally there is a hood that fits women!

Wetsuit Thickness: 3mm 

Our wetsuits are made to the highest of standards, using best-practice inks and glues for minimal environmental impact.


  • Milk silk cloth printing (outer-layer)
  • Yamamoto 39 CR Open-Cell (inner-lining) 
  • Extra flexible neoprene to accommodate more body variations
  • Low friction Milk Silk for less water resistance
  • Blind stitched

For more information in regards to sizing and care, please visit here.



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