Women's Ocean Jewels Springsuit 2.5mm SAPPHIRE Blue NEW HIGH CUT DUE SPRING 2024


Our new high Blue are the same shape as or Red   front-zip springsuits are designed to ensure you look amazing in the water whilst not sacrificing comfort or practicality. With  the just right  high cut you can focus on the water, waves or wind and not have to worry about constantly fixing the positioning of the wetsuit.

Our colours and patterns are like nothing seen before, so you will stand out for all the right reasons!

Our wetsuits are made to the highest of standards, using best-practice inks and glues for minimal environmental impact in an accredited and audited factory. 

Wetsuit Thickness: 2.5mm


  • Limestone Neoprene
  • Recycled PET bottles (inner-lining)
  • Nylon (outer-layer)


  • Extra flex to accommodate more body variations
  • External Silky layer for abrasion protection
  • Internal lining recycled PET bottles that slides on easier
  • Blind Stitched and glued for strength

For more information in regards to sizing and care, please visit here.

Type: Wetsuits

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