Sharkview Spearfishing UNDER CONSTRUCTION  

After 5 years of shark vision research Fader and Sharkview are now taking the technology developed for wetsuits and surfboards and applying it to spearfishing suits and products. The vision characteristics of 10 fish families have been used to modify the contrast gradient  surface patterns for depth creating a camouflage far in advance of any  currently on the market. This F30 protocal is in patent process and will br file soon. The tuning for depth and motion has never ben done before  and we don't think any others come close to what ours will do. Unlike other suits that are made to human vision our are solely based on what fish see and not what some graphic designer thinks looks cool.Not only for Spearfishers but Photographers and divers can now get closer to elusive fish without disturbing them and get better pictures or see rare behavior. Our suits will allow you get closer without encroaching like never before. 



Products and Partners 

Sharkview will soon have available spearing suits made from 3mm and 5mm Yamamoto neoprene with camouflage available in Blue and Green  Along with our range of suits For Spearing and diving and other applications we have partnered with XXXXXXXX  in New Zealand to offer custom made to suit your unique needs and body shape. There is nothing better than a custom made suits for fit and comfort contact XXXX though their webpage and order your FADER/Sharview patterned wetsuit to your requirements.


Our Licencing for our technology to be applied to carbon fiber fins is well underway   

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